A Summary of the last year

I have been looking at NVIDIA NeRFs , their “Instant NeRF” technology. The concept of turning 2D images into a 3D scene in a matter of a few seconds is truly awe inspiring. I play with Blender and Unity and, again, look on awestruck at the people who produce “Hollywood quality” animations on their PCs.

Oh, and I have been following everything SpaceX has been doing, and have to say – going to Mars is unbelievable science fiction from a few years ago yet Elon Musk can give speeches on how many tonnes of equipment will be needed to colonise Mars, and a timeline when it will be possible from a financial and engineering point of view.

It has been a long weekend of stuff not working! Of course, NeRF wouldn’t work properly because of network card limitations (4GB memory doesn’t cut it these days. This was pointed out to me in a very timely manner by Tom94 at the NVIDIA NeRF Github ). This prompted me to try and create my own datasets to use with NVIDIA NeRF – that required Colmap and Eigen. Of course, I could not get Colmap running properly and so I have started with Eigen. That works :-). From here I will get Colmap working and then NVIDIA NeRF. I should turn all this into blog posts at some point as well.






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